17 Muskies Boated at Kay Lake

May 2, 2016

Your trophy catch at Nestor Falls Fly-In is likely to be so incredible that your closest friends won’t believe you ‚Äì unless you have a photo!

Fortunately, Joe Montalbano and his group took a camera to Kay Lake last year. Kay has some of the best Muskie and Bass fishing in northwest Ontario and Joe did great work out there. They had 17 Muskies boated, 6 lost and about 40 Muskie follows. Joe’s group also released 55 Smallmouth Bass and 1 nice Laker to round out the trip.

Sounds like they had an amazing couple days on the water! What more could you ask for than 17 Muskies?

…18 Muskies, right? We’ll see Joe and his group in 2016 and hopefully they’ll be able to break their record!

Escape to the Wilderness,
Dave & Michelle

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