3 Practical Tips for Boating in the Wilderness

June 6, 2016

Being out on the water in Canada’s great outdoors is a lot different than boating back home. You’re really in the middle of nowhere, and at most Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts, you’ll be the only people for miles around. It’s the experience of a lifetime!

This is our best advice for fly-in fishing boaters :

  • Take extra caution at night. It’s dark up here! If you haven’t been up to northwest Ontario yet, trust us ‚Äì you can’t see your hand in front of your face most nights. If you decide to try your luck on the water after sunset, be careful. It doesn’t hurt to bring lights.
  • Don’t drink and boat. A big number of boating accidents are the result of drinking alcohol while boating. People do take more risks and forget about common sense things while drinking. Have a designated driver and a designated drinker in each boat!
  • Keep a sharp eye for rocks. Have a good time out on the water but pay attention to what you are doing. Our lakes are not marked for rocks or other underwater hazards, so be on the lookout.

Want to be the only boat on the water? We have a 4-day opening at Malette Lake from August 24-29. Learn more!

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