4 Reasons Walleye Fishing is Great for Kids

April 24, 2017

Walleye fishing is ideal sport fishing for the family. Our grandson Ryan is 8, and he’s such a happy camper when he’s fishing. He gets so excited when he snags a fat Walleye! It’s adorable.

Jennifer and the whole Tarr and Wilson clan would likely agree with us. They’ve been to all but 2 of the Nestor Falls lakes. Most recently they were at Herod Lake, where they all did some Walleye fishing ‚Äì including kids Emerson and Jasper.

Why We Love Walleye Fishing for Kids

Big Fish. Especially for young kids or newer anglers, reeling in “a big one” is a sure-fire way to get them hooked! Trophy Walleye are pretty common in our lakes, and most folks catch Walleye that average at least 18-25″.

…LOTS of Big Fish. Every year, the number of Walleye in our Nestor Falls Fly-In lakes goes up! Jennifer’s family released 450 Walleye on that trip to Herod.

Catch on Plastic Lures. Emerson and Jasper caught Walleye on mostly plastics ‚Äì realistic smelt, white 4″ worms, and sherbert worms. Being able to catch Walleye without live bait means one less thing you have to remember!

Best Fish Photos. Jennifer sent us some amazing photos of her family’s trip to Herod. “It is always so difficult for me to narrow down which ones to share,” she told us. “There are so many wonderful stories and memories to go with each one.”

One more ‚Äì Walleye is tasty. The best part of your family trip to Nestor Falls Fly-In will be eating fresh-caught Walleye on the deck, watching the birds and animals. How’s that for an adventure?

Escape to the Wilderness,
Dave & Michelle

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