5 Favorite Things to Do in Nestor Falls, ON

May 29, 2016

Is your Nestor Falls Fly-In Fishing trip right around the corner? Then it’s time to plan the last part of your journey! We ask guests get to Nestor Falls a day before your fly-in fishing departure. (If you need reservations for the night before, let us know. We would be happy handling these reservations for you.)

While you’re in Nestor Falls, check out our favorite things for visitors to do:

1. Visit “The Falls”

You can find The Falls right on Highway 71. Depending on the time of year, the Falls are absolutely beautiful! This is the landmark that gives Nestor Falls its name, as you might guess. It’s great for taking photos or having a picnic lunch nearby.

2. Drink a Cold Beer at Green’s BBQ & Bar

Green’s is a cool log building from the early 1900s. It used to be a lodge, but they turned it into a bar. You can relax on the deck overlooking Lake of the Woods here, and inside you can see lots of old fishing photos plus nice antlers and mounts.

3. Pick Up Bait at Anglers Pro Shop

Anglers Pro Shop has a great collection of tackle and bait. You can pick up a fishing license and anything else you need for your tackle box! It also never hurts to start your fly-in fishing trip by talking to the guys behind the counter here.

4. Eat at the Best Restaurants in Nestor Falls

Nestor Falls has several restaurants to choose from ‚Äì we like The Log Tavern, Lecuyer’s Resort, Green’s BBQ, and the Bear’s Den. It’s all good food served by friendly people.

5. Take a Drive to Sioux Narrows

The drive between Nestor Falls and Sioux Narrows is just beautiful, especially on a sunny day. It takes about 20 minutes and while you’re in town you can visit the gift shops or go up to the Northern Ontario Sportfishing Centre.

For more things to do, you can visit the website for the township of Souix Narrows – Nestor Falls or just ask one of us. We’d be happy to let you know where to go!

Escape to the Wilderness,
Dave & Michelle

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