A Successful Hunt for Patrick

January 6, 2014

Like many of our boys around base, Patrick Mills, our dock staff, went out hunting at the end of the season. He and his family took along a tent that Dave gave to him over the season. Patrick and the gang put the tent to good use and had a fun and successful trip. Here is a note he shared with us:

“Dave and Michelle, we have been having good luck this year! This is just from one weekend. Tell Dave that we have been using his tent a few times. We used it for deer camp. We then loaded up our boats with our traps and we went to the far end of our trap line. We got 44 beavers in six days. The tent worked well there. Thanks a lot for the tent Dave!”

We hope your hunting excursions are just as much fun. Best of luck!

Escape to the Wilderness,
Dave & Michelle

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