A Tribute To A Loving Father

November 22, 2019

If you’ve stayed at Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts before, maybe you’re familiar with the journals we keep in each outpost cabin. Perhaps you’ve even shared your story with us, anything from talking about the weather to where the fish are biting.

We started this business because we wanted to share our passion for the outdoors and the memories we’ve created for our family by escaping the modern world. That’s why this particular entry really hit home, and I’d love to share it with you.

Please enjoy this entry we came upon written from last June.

The past six years, my brother, his son and my Dad have been coming to this beautiful place for an annual fly-in fishing trip.

The first two years were on Mallette Lake and the last four on Keeper Lake. This year, sadly, Dad had to stay behind to take care of Mom. Mom’s health is failing and he needs to be home with her, by her side to take care of her, as he has done for the last 65 years.

I know he is home right now wondering how many fish we’re catching (he usually out-fishes all of us) and dreaming about what great food we are eating. Dad loved stealing bacon from the frying pan as my brother cooked it outside on an open fire, beating me at cribbage, catching walleyes right off the dock, getting up early as the sun comes up, and going out on the lake listening to the loons while catching our limit before my brother and his son awaken.

This year, I can finally say, ‘Dad, I’ve caught more fish than you, the food is great, I stole some bacon off the frying pan, I haven’t lost a cribbage game yet; I caught a fish off the dock even though it was a Northern, but I haven’t gone fishing as the sun comes out because that’s our special time at this very special place.’

When he said he would not be coming this year, it was with heavy hearts that we came without him. A few days before the trip, I told him that sometimes the right decision is also the toughest one. It is the right decision to be with her. We thank him for taking care of Mom now and over the last 65 years. It is not the same without him here this year but the right place for him is at home.

I don’t know what next year will bring. Hopefully, we’ll be back here with him next year. Time with loved ones is a precious gift that we should cherish, hold tightly to, and not take for granted.

We just want to thank everyone at Nestor Falls Fly-In for all the great memories and amazing fishing trips at this very, very special place. Happy Father’s Day, Pops. We miss you.

Todd & Bruce

Thank you, Todd and Bruce, for sharing your heartfelt story! We appreciate you choosing Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts for your fly-in fishing adventures and hope to make many more outdoor memories with you and your dad!

We love sitting down and reading about your time with us. Next time you visit, be sure to leave a note!

Escape to the wilderness!

Dave, Michelle, and Jon

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