A Walk in the Wilderness to Find Fish

January 31, 2017

For Craig G. and his friends, Canadian fly-in fishing turned into walk-in fishing for a day! The gang spent a couple days out at Herod Lake. They had very good luck with the weather, and decided to make a short portage to a set of outlet rapids. As you can see from the map here, a boat ride along the Keeper River System leads to portage areas that are almost untouched.

Being the only cabin on Herod leads to great fishing. But going out to the rapids is another thing altogether. It’s completely unlike any other fishing trip.

Fantastic Walleye Fishing

Herod is very well known among anglers for its excellent Walleye fishing. This particular group released 27″ and 28″ Walleye in mid-August, plus a bunch of Walleye in the 20″-23″ range. They were happy to enjoy a great cigar after a day of fantastic fishing. They had a beautiful sunset, too ‚Äì can’t ask for a more perfect day.

Fish at Herod Lake

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