A Walleye Fishing Story From Larus Lake

April 11, 2017

Walleye fishing in Nestor Falls opens the 3rd Saturday in May. That’s coming right up real soon!

To get you folks thinking about Walleye season, here’s a fish story about how Steve Johnson and his fishing partner Jim Bahrke caught a 29 in. 11 lb. Walleye.

The duo had been doing fly-in fishing trips to Northwestern Ontario for 40 years, but this Walleye was easily the largest Walleye they’d ever caught fishing in Ontario. It was caught during a late August evening, the group’s last day on Larus Lake. Earlier in the week, a GIANT 42 in. Northern had t-boned a Walleye Steve was landing, but wasn’t able to net that Northern. So his goal for the last night was to land a trophy Northern.

Steve was out trolling for big Northern, and he was rigged with a heavy rod and reel, 20 lb. test line, steel leader, and an 8 in. Muskie/Northern lure. He and Jim had been trolling for a short time when he had a great hit and had a “fish on.”

To the boat’s surprise, when they netted the lunker, it wasn’t a Northern, but the 29 in. 11 lb. Walleye!

Just goes to show that when you’re Walleye fishing with Nestor Falls Fly-In, anything can happen. See you all in a couple weeks!

Escape to the Wilderness,
Dave & Michelle

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