All About That Bass

February 5, 2021

Who doesn’t love the thrill of a fish biting and while you reel it in the fight, the jumps, the splash! This is why so many people love to bass fish.

Smallmouth’s love clear rocky lakes, shoreline, offshore shoals, and deep water. Think similar to trout habitat but with a wider range of temperatures. They are best caught in the early morning or late evening and are most active from late spring right through to late fall.

Bass typically range from 10-20 inches in length and can weigh from 1-3.5 pounds.

Fishing for Bass tips

  1. Use a light to medium action rod with a 6-10 pound line
  2. Surface/topwater lures are great for early morning and evening when the water is calm. You will need to perfect your zig-zag technique since these lures require you to create the action
  3. Spinnerbaits are great for all season and when the water surface is a little rougher
  4. Crankbaits are great when smallmouth bass are feeding aggressively
  5. Soft plastic lures like crayfish imitations are great when the bass are deep (late summer when the water is warmer)

The beauty about smallmouth bass vs largemouth bass is that they are much more performative and put on a better fight pound-for-pound. If Smallmouth fishing isn’t on your angler’s list then you are definitely missing out on the trill of the catch!

We have some openings on Kay Lake for the 2021 season if you are interested in trying Bass fishing for yourself. You will also find Trout and Muskie on Kay. Nestor Falls Fly-In is the only outfitter on this lake, and you have two cabins to choose from; Kay Bay or Kay Island. You can access two portage lakes as well: Derby Lake, connected to Kay Lake by a river, and Anstey Lake, where you’ll find a boat at the end of a short 150-yard hike.

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