All About that Bass

May 29, 2020

Smallmouth Bass were once considered just a northern relative of the black bass family, now is a hot pursuit for avid anglers. Given the name, smallmouth bass, it is typical for a rookie angler to think they only eat small baits due to their name. However, savvy smallmouth anglers know these voracious eaters will attack anything, even if it is more than a mouthful. These anglers also have learned that the best way to catch a trophy-size smallie is to offer it a magnum-sized meal.

Anglers have proven techniques for various different jerk baits, tubes, spinner baits, top waters and swim baits. Bass are scattered across the lake at varying depths depending on the time of year and these choices cover the entire water column. The spawn occurs in May and June where they can be found in the rocky shallows. By late June and July the fish move to deeper structure in the 15 to 25 foot range. By August the fish have moved to the deepest structure (25 to 35 feet) before moving back to the shallows again in the fall.

Just imagine a legendary Turbo Otter float plane flying you to a remote Nestor Falls Fly-In Outpost cabin on Kay Lake, or Lount Lake where you get to spend the next 5 days with your closest friends you only get to see once a year chasing the bass. The sun is barely peering over the treetops. You open your bail, prep your line, and make a smooth cast to the perfect piece of structure. The anticipation and excitement you have been feeling for weeks finally releases from your body. Action is applied to your lure; the initial kick, dart, or dance of your bait catches the attention of an onlooking bass. Before you know it, your line is tight, rod is loaded and you have hooked a nice size Smallie. Drag screaming, line changing directions, and the bass breaks the surface giving you a quick glimpse and heightens your intense excitement. Finally, the fish is in the net, a celebratory high five is shared with your fellow angler along with a picture of you and the hog.

Escape to the Wilderness,

Dave, Michelle, & Jon

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