An Opener Like Never Before 2021…

September 29, 2021

The time had finally come and the borders are finally open YAHOO!! But with the borders finally opening last August we were faced with more challenges.  Challenges we have dealt with before but never at this magnitude.  Forest Fires.  They were bad last year due to our serious rain drought, the worse we have seen and this delayed opening majority of our outposts since a lot of our cabins were located in fire zones. The MNR had implemented a no-fly zone due to the fires and smoke.  We had to get special permission to land at our cabins to check up on them. But the MNR were not readily giving out this privilege either.

Even though our season started later than we had hoped, with more obstacles besides Covid restrictions we still had a great season.  We are so thankful for the opportunity to serve those who were able to come and to start seeing familiar faces that have turned into more like family over the years. Though we couldn’t hug you like we wanted to, we were still happy to greet you with smiles, covid elbow shakes, fist bumps, or a wave. For those of you who were able to make the trip despite the obstacles thank you, for those of you unable to make it because of restrictions we look forward to seeing you next season!



We’ve only been open for a month and our season is already close closing.  We look forward to reuniting and making the 2022 fishing season the best one yet!


Until then, escape to the wilderness,

Dave and Michelle

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