Bass Fishing – Top Lakes for Your Canada Fishing Trip

May 30, 2017

Only two openings left for Smallmouth Bass fishing this season! Bass are fun to fight and absolutely worth the trip up here. Nestor Falls Fly-In has two remote, peaceful outposts that offer the best Bass fishing you’ll find. Book a trip to Lount Lake or Kay Lake ‚Äì your group’s only company will be loons, moose, and some monster Smallmouth Bass.

4-DAY OPENING / Lount Lake / July 26-30

Sleeps: 8
Minimum Party: 4
Air Miles: 75

Lount Lake is a north woods paradise. You’ll find Smallmouth Bass as well as Walleye and Northern Pike, making for some really neat angling action. You never know how huge the fish is going to be until you get it up to the boat! (But wrangling it into the net is another story.) Bass on Lount are usually in the 15″ range, with many up to 20″+.

5-DAY OPENING / Kay Bay / August 29-September 3

Sleeps: 6-8
Minimum Party: 6
Air Miles: 20

Kay Lake is a deep, spring-fed lake that’s home to many trophy Smallmouth Bass. You’ll catch them from 6′ to 30′ near rocky points or out in deep water. Don’t be surprised when you fight a fish and bring it in to see that it’s a fat 20″ Bass. It happens more often than you’d expect!

Talk to us about a trip! Send in our Contact Form or call at 1-877-653-1524. It’s a family-owned operation, so you’re likely to talk directly to Dave and Michelle!

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