Best Lures & Artificial Bait for Smallmouth Bass Fishing

July 16, 2016

Four brothers-in-law went artificial-only – no live bait – for a trip to Lount Lake!

That didn’t stop Tim Sproul, Tim Steckelberg, Glen Petersen, and Frank Staskiewicz from finding hot spots for Smallmouth Bass. Lount has a very diverse habitat ‚Äì numerous vegetated inlets, rocky points, and sheltered bays. It makes for great angling action, especially when you’ve got the right gear in the boat.

The best producers were a jig w/ twister tail, fished vertically though casting and retrieving worked some too; hot skitter props; and Rapala x-rap walk.

The group caught about 50 large Smallies, with the best being a 20″ caught by Glen! (They caught roughly 75 nice 16-18″ Walleyes as well, plus a 23″ Walleye caught and released by Tim.)

If you’re looking for other suggestions on Smallmouth Bass bait, here’s the list Dave usually starts with:

• Tubes: white w/black flake, blue/black, green, Tightlines UV
• Spinner baits: white/silver, blue/black, chartreuse/white
‚Ä¢ Senko’s: white w/black flake, blue/black, green, Tightlines UV
• Jerk baits: Mosbeck X Rap (white), white/blue

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Escape to the Wilderness,
Dave & Michelle

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