Blue Space is the New Green Space

November 1, 2021

When I am on the water, there is nothing else that I have to worry about.

I was reading an article in the Cottager this month where Chad Guenter was writing about Blue Space is the New Green Space and why being near water can be a boom for our health and wellness.  I couldn’t agree more with him. He talks about taking in the lake air, strolling along a peninsula, or simply sitting beside a lake have long been considered good for our well-being, but the evidence is emerging that “blue space” may have a more profound impact on our bodies and brains than any other outdoor environments do. I would like to add fishing to his list of “blue space” outdoor activities.

He goes on to say that in one study in the Netherlands, respondents used a smartphone app to record their level of happiness: those visiting natural environments were roughly twice as happy as those in forests and three times happier than people in agricultural terrain. Grassy areas typically score well and mountains extremely well but nothing beats water. It goes on to say that people who spend time in nature are more apt to display pro-environmental behavior, such as buying local and cycling instead of driving.

Water instills a sense of being away. It can be either tranquil or dynamic, conditions that can make you attuned to your surroundings both of which serve as escapes from our normal busy lives. Second, it conjures a feeling of being in a boundless environment where possibilities feel limitless. Thirdly the sounds and sights on the water as it runs over rocks or dances in the sunlight frees the mind and soul.  But there is a real healing that takes place on the water.  Would you not agree?  Something to be said about these findings from Chad Guenter.

I’ve seen this first hand of customers arriving to our office, posture rigid, shoulders seem tense, their voice sharp, but once they come back from a few days up north they have a smile on their face, their shoulders relaxed, and their voice bubbly.  I see the importance of unplugging from our busy lives, getting outside in nature, being out on the water, and enjoying what nature has to offer by slowing down and being fully submerged into it.

I hope you find ways to Escape to the wilderness!

Dave, Michelle & Jon

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