Border Issues

June 14, 2021

Well I think we can all agree that the last 18 months have been interesting in many ways.   I am jealous of all of our southern friends who’s lives are moving into a more normal life.  I miss the freedom to move around as I please, visit my family and friends and most of all run my business.

We’ve had many guests contact us in regards to news circulating regarding the Canada border opening. Talks about the border have finally started to hit the news and the United States is putting pressure on our Prime Minister Trudeau to open the border.  Canada started out very slow on the vaccine rollout thanks to the Prime Minister Trudeau but that’s not a topic I would like to get into now.  Vaccines  have picked up now and are arriving here in Canada.  Second doses are being put into peoples arms in fact Dave just got his second dose yesterday.   All positives moving forward and we are hopeful for this news but as of today no date has been set as to when the border will open.

What we are hearing here is that you will be needing to be fully vaccinated (2nd dose more than 2 weeks prior to travel) and will be able to enter Canada for non-essential reasons without any quarantine. We read one report that a covid test on arrival may be required.  It’s also reported that in order for the Canada border to open at least 75% of Canadians would need their first dose and 20% of Canadians fully vaccinated.   As of June 8th, 63% of Canadians have received their first dose and 8.5% are fully vaccinated. It’s projected that Canada could possibly reach this vaccine target by July.

Dave & I are ready to move forward as soon as we get the word.  Please stay in touch and we look forward to seeing you all soon.


Escape to the Wilderness!

Dave, Michelle & Jon


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