Catching 30″ Walleye on Beautiful Onepine Lake

August 25, 2016

David and Robin Bue have the magic touch on Onepine Lake!

The duo released “several hundred” Walleye ‚Äì and that’s not even the most exciting part. The average Walleye was 16-19″, and several dozen were 20-30″!

For us, that’s a sign that Onepine is healthy, the fish population is healthy, and we’re taking care of the wilderness for future generations. We’d like to see you take your great-grandkids up here for a Canadian fly-in fishing trip one day.

David and Robin said the best parts of the trip were catching & releasing the fish, enjoying a fresh fish fry, and simply relaxing. They also told us about a funny moment ‚Äì a guy in the group threw an anchor over the side of the boat… and then realized he forgot to tie it to the boat!

We want to know, did he jump in to retrieve it?!

Escape to the Wilderness,
Dave & Michelle

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