Celebrating 53 Years !

October 6, 2018

Nothing beats those warm and lazy summer days; and what a summer we have been having! The weather has been fantastic, as a result so has the fishing, food, bird watching, and accommodations, its everything you could ask for.

Jim and Rachel Wilson have been joining us for 14 years now to celebrate their wedding anniversary on Kay Lake. This year marks their 53rd wedding anniversary, and they are looking forward to joining us for their 15th year celebrating at the lake next year. They also enjoy the Trout fishing that Kay Lake has to offer. One of the best ways to enjoy your Trout on these beautiful evenings is to have dinner on the deck. What a great view from Kay Island, and a wonderful way to enjoy 53 years of marriage with your fishing partner!

Rachel is an excellent cook and by the looks of the pictures she enjoys fishing! It was a hot one on Anstey, they caught 4 large lake trout, 29″, 29″, 34″ & 36″. They took some great food and fishing pictures, saving memories of another great year together!

One of the best things about marriage is being with someone who enjoys sitting on the lake with you, casting, and making memories!

Escape to the Wilderness!

Dave & Michelle

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