Clear Lake – A Small Lake with Big Fish

December 7, 2018

Clear Lake is one of the most-requested cabins here at Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts, and it’s not hard to see why people love it! The comfortable living room and spacious bedrooms are perfect for couples and friends. There’s nothing more wonderful than waking up in cabin nestled in the pines and spending time with the people who mean the most to you. And the fact that it’s the only cabin on the lake means that you’ll be enjoying the remote beauty completely in peace.

When you’re out on the lake you’ll find that it’s very easy to navigate, meaning that even less-experienced fishermen will want to explore. At just 4 miles long, Clear Lake is an easy lake to fish while still offering the scenic beauty you’ve come to expect.

This doesn’t mean it gets boring though! Clear Lake has excellent fishing, offering Walleye that average between 3 and 5 pounds – large fish for a small lake! There are also trophy Northerns lurking there for you to find. If you want to try your hand at catching Lake Trout, there are two portage lakes with boats ready to go. The walks are short and easy, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting to the new lakes to explore.

If you haven’t tried Clear Lake yet, give us a call! We’ll tell you all about it.


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