Clear Lake: Laurie & Larry Carry On

August 30, 2019

When the forest fires this summer seemed like they were going to be to bad to get into Clear Lake and might have to cancel last minute, Laurie & Larry Wather not wanting to cancel their Canadian escape. Not wanting to cut the line on months of planning – and anticipation – they decided to continue with their adventure, and take the chance that the fires would be put out. And they’re glad they did!

Clear Lake is loved for its Walleye, Northern, and close proximity to two other lakes that also support Walleye, Northern, and Lake Trout. In the days they spent fishing the crystal waters, although the Walleye were scattered at first, they caught more and more every day, the largest measuring in at 23″. As for Northern, they caught one at a whopping 42″!

Their fishing game wasn’t the only thing heating up. The Walters observed ash falling as a result of wildfires burning by Little Grand. They also saw five bears at the neighboring Portage Lake!

We’re so glad that Laurie and Larry chose to stay the course with us at Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts, and we hope their friends can join next time!

Escape to the wilderness!

Dave, Michelle, & Jon

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