February 21, 2020

We had a great time on our trip up in your neck of the woods a few weeks ago. I enjoyed seeing you all again as we shared stories and small talk in the officer over homemade deer sausage and cheese!

We explored some new areas of Lount Lake that we had not visited before and found some new areas to fish. Having our previous trips being in late May to mid-June we got accustomed to the typical springtime fishing pattern where to fish are aggressive and found in typical springtime locations and structure.

Having our trip in early August this year we found that we had to alter our approach somewhat. We found that the smallmouth and walleye were a little deeper in 10′-15′ feet of water. Our best results for them came from fishing main lake points, secondary points and islands. We still had luck with our springtime lures (X-Raps, topwater, Pop-R’s, Zara Spooks, etc.) fishing out from the smaller boulder lined banks, but quickly realized we needed to get deeper to get to the fish we were seeing on the fish finder in that 10′-15′ foot of water.

Deeper diving square bill crankbaits in various color patterns provided results on these fish. We also found that wacky rigging a 4″-5″ Gulp worm on a jighead for those suspended fish worked well. Many walleye and smallmouth found this combination irresistible and provided us with many evening walleye dinners.

Overall we found that we were running into larger northerns this year. We found that the bigger brutes were in medium to large bays and about 15′-20′ out from the weed/grass line in about 10′ feet of water. We boated and released a handful of 33″-38″ fish and unfortunately lost a couple of 40″+ ones at the boat because we did not have nets adequate to handle that size of fish.

We’ll be prepared for that on our next trip when we come up to see you! Take care as your season draws to a close ‚òπ. Looking forward to seeing you on our next trip!

David Thanks for sharing your awesome story with us. I’m sure our readers enjoyed it as much as we did. If you are interested in sharing your story, please email it to info@new.nestorfalls.comEscape to the Wilderness!Dave, Michelle & Jon

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