August 14, 2020

We know how excited you are to get on your fly in fishing trip AND no one is more excited than us to have you join us on your wilderness adventure! There are some things that I am sure you are unaware of that we do to make your trip that more relaxing and enjoyable for you and there are things that you can do for us to make our job easier as well.

We want our guests to have a warm cabin during the spring and fall when the weather can be a bit on the cooler side, however we don’t want you to loose fishing time. So we do have firewood cut, split, and ready to heat your cabin. Everyone loves a nice campfire in the evenings, but please make it an adventure and find your own firewood the boys work very hard to cut firewood for the WOOD STOVES, not for your evening camp fires.

All Garbage needs to come out BUT did you know that it can be heavy and hard to handle in the plane so please don’t fill your garbage bags too full.

Canadian beer cans have a deposit paid on them so if you could keep them separated from the garbage that would be awesome!! This way we can return them.

When you are out fishing make sure to click the Wi-Fi off so you are not wasting the solar power. Airplane mode can be your friend if you still plan on taking your phone on the boat for taking fish pictures!

You wouldn’t believe me if I told how many times the knobs on the BBQ grills have been striped in the past. Please make sure you are pushing in and turning the knobs so you don’t be another statistic.

Do you want to see a Bear while at Camp with no gun? Do NOT dump the grease in the fire pit, it does not burn off it soaks into the ground to stay. Even by the outhouse, around the deck, behind the cabin ; this will attract unwanted animals and once they find it they keep coming back for more. Please make sure you bring your grease out with your fish guts, do not leave it sitting at camp while you are gone or pour back into the containers and bring it out with the garbage.

Every morning when you are letting your motor warm up tighten down the motors mounts with your hands, do not use any tools. This may cause them to break. After a long day of fishing the vibrating can cause the mounts to become loose.

We have set the dials on the fridge, Please don’t touch them this is a very important NO NO!! They are not your standard electric fridge. If you choose to turn the knobs the compressors run and run and will result in you without power.

Do you realize how hard it is to dig an outhouse hole with all the granite we have in Northwestern Ontario? Putting water in the outhouse hole is ESSENTIAL to keeping the smell to a minimal and knock down the waste. The more water the less airborne fragrances you will have to withstand. Therefore more water = better smell=less digging

If you choose to have live bait a huge tip to ensure their survival is to acclimate the water and the minnows in the bag by leaving them in the bag and having the water slowly change temperature so you do not shock the minnows.

We always want you to enjoy you fishing adventure and we strive to make it the best possible experience.

Escape to the Wilderness,

Dave, Michelle, & Jon

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