September 20, 2019

We love what we do, most days it feels like a dream. When the grandkids are around it reminds us that sometimes you need to take a little break from work to play and enjoy the outdoors! We love to get the kids out in the wilderness; fishing , 4 wheeling, hunting or on the water and teach them all there is to know about the great outdoors!

There are some age gaps between Jon and Ashley’s kids, Jon’s son Ryan is 10, Ashley’s children; Brax is 5 and little Miss Grae is 3 years old. Finding an activity that pleases these ages can at times be difficult but the one common activity amongst the three grandkids is Kayaking!

It is so fun to see them all out on the water, laughing and bonding. Everyone seems to have their own style at Kayaking. Ryan has the more paddle and chill approach, Brax is the spotter of all water life since he is still too young to paddle himself,while Grae is trying to steal the paddle so she can do it herself!

I am a beginner Kayaker myself and I have the Old Town- Loon 120, which is 12 Ft and I love it! It’s easy to get in, not tippy, seats are so comfy and it glides over the water so effortlessly! If you are looking for a great starter Kayak for your child or grandchild we purchased a Pelican Argo 80x which is 7 ft and 9 in. Ryan is able to put his kayak in and out of the water all by himself and has no problem in getting in or out of it.

Escape to the Wilderness!

Dave, Michelle & Jon


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