Featured Article: Emergency Smallmouth Bass Baits

April 3, 2017

The outdoors author Jim Edlund came up to Nestor Falls Fly-In for a visit with our son Jon. Dave and I might run the outpost business, but Jon is in the business of fishing! His conversation with Jim turned into a really great (and pretty funny) article on Smallmouth Bass lures. If you would ever come up fly-in fishing for Smallies, you have to check out Jim’s article below.

Nestor Falls, Ontario-based angler Jon Beaushene grew up with access to hundreds (even thousands) of the world’s best smallmouth bass lakes‚Äîmany only accessible by plane.

For Jon, not a problem.

As the son of Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts proprietor Dave Beaushene, Jon’s youth was spent sitting co-pilot to dad. Instead of throwing a pigskin in the backyard, they’d jump into a Super Cub and head into a veritable Disneyworld of bronzeback goodness.

Years later, Jon now has his own pilot’s license but spends most of his time fishing tournaments throughout Canada and the U.S. In fact, the UV Tightlines/Jewel Baits pro spends winters casting co-angler to many of FLW’s top pros, with dreams of fishing the big leagues himself.

From what I experienced on the water, shouldn’t be long before the kid goes legit.

Recently, following an evening on multiple-muskies-per-day Kay Lake, I asked Jon to list his “must-have” “emergency kit” smallmouth bass baits.

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