December 6, 2019

We are fortunate enough to live in an amazing place with wide open spaces with so much to enjoy in our own back yard. Back in the 60’s, hunting was a man’s sport. Shooting game and traipsing through the woods was not generally of interest to young ladies. But some ladies didn’t subscribe to that policy and over the years it was bound to change. With the popularity of this sport more and more whitetail fanatics are renting or buying real estate? Because, managed properly a deer property can provide the finest hunting of your life at a cost that won’t put you in hock and there is peace of mind knowing that your the only hunter out there that day.

It’s a great sport for the whole family as we join Pat and Trish Thompson in this week’s blog on the hunt for Whitetail deer. Pat is no stranger to flying, fishing and hunting. Pat has always been an avid serious hunter, however his soft spot sure showed when he let Harlow bring her Disney Princess book to the deer stand. He had promised her that he would read the stories to her in the stand, and he did keep his part of the deal.

Harlow hasn’t quite mastered whispering, good thing it was windy that day. I have never seen a 5 year old so excited about going deer hunting. After 3 stories and lots of snacks, Harlow started on her Dad’s binoculars and didn’t put them down.

Throughout the hunting season they had seen dozens of does and fawns feeding and playing. They even seen a glimpse of a buck before it disappeared into the woods. Though they were unsuccessful, its not always about bagging the biggest buck or catching the biggest fish. It’s about the time spent in laughter making memories with loved ones. Friends and family make the unplugged outdoors so relaxing and peaceful.

There is always excitement with the possibility of that 30 point buck or trophy fish but in the end it’s the memory of seeing a young little buck walk out and as your watching him, the little voice from behind you says, “Shoot it Dad, Shoot! Shoot!” “Aren’t you going to SHOOT IT DAD?” Those are the best memories brought home from the adventures.

Escape to the Wilderness!

Dave, Michelle and Jon

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