First Virtual Day

June 19, 2020

Hi Dave and Michelle, I couldn’t resist setting up our first “Virtual” day of fishing Cairns in 2020 and so sent the below statement to our group. Pete and Tom added a few things in response..

I thought this was such a fun idea that Dave and I played along!!!

Dave & Michelle: “Good Morning! How was your winter? Back down to the docks and the boys will help you unload, then come up to the office and we will get you signed in. Looks like the boys are ready for you down at the docks have a great trip see you on the way out.”

Pilot: Gives his passenger briefing and says,”Sit back and Enjoy!”


Bill: I thought we had a good flight into Cairns this morning, took off at 7:45, the usual 1.5 hour trip, made a quick stop at Onepine to drop off supplies. Good pilot, soft landing into Cairns. Got the people flying out loaded up after we unloaded with their help, same group that we followed last year. The cabin is in the usual good shape, everybody found a bed. Food got put away and everybody is rigging rod and reels.

Pete asked the usual question, “where do you think we should start.” Several of us made the suggestion of the “grocery store.” Its been a good spot but has slowed a bit the last few years, but we usually find enough for the first evening fish meal, come back clean the fish, put them in the fridge and back out, (maybe a quick sandwich before we go). We agree to be back in by 5:00 for the start of Happy Hour.

Pete: Sounds good to me. The “Grocery Store” was very good this day.

Bill: Fish fry by 7:00, clean up and back on the deck for sunset and follow up “Happy Hour.” Things seem quiet by 10:00.

Pete: Great fish fry and “Happy Hour”.

Back inside the cabin before we all retire into bed Pete asks “where do you think we should go tomorrow,” someone responds let’s check the weather in the morning, that might decide for us.

Pete: Indeed we will watch the weather and fish the windward side tomorrow

Good night.

Next day….

Tom: Waiting for the oil to heat up for the fresh fish fry, while enjoying the usual Large Vodka Tonic…..and of course Dave M and I will NOT tell Peter where Dave caught that 25 inch Waldo!…A new spot we found when we fished alone this afternoon! All in all a beautiful day for the new comer…can’t wait to see the Northern lights and listen to the Loony tunes!

Bill: Day 2 We went southwest today, Walleye fishing pretty good, found two spots we had not fished before, they were good. We also got two nice northerns, both were close to qualifying but came an inch or two below 36. We also had some confusion with names, we have two Jims along, Jim M and Jim B, so plain Jim would not work, it came down to “Big Jim” and Little Jim” or “Jim Custom” and “Jim Doc.”

Bill: Pete fell off the Leech wagon today, a few leeches were left at camp by the previous group and Pete could no longer go without a leech even though he made it all last year without using a leech. He did catch a nice whitefish on it. He swore he is now back on the leech wagon and will try and stay with all the tournament winning plastics.

Jim B: Fourth day of fishing was terrific for the rookies! I got up stiff and sore from both numbers and size of catch!!

Tom: Yeah…average at best…several each day like that!!

Dave: The suspense is killing me. Did I win? Did my fish hold up? When does my check arrive?

Tom: Absolutely…a winner WITH the first-day WALLEYE! Unfortunately, Peter misplaced the prize money or may have kept all $60 because he FINALLY won for Big Northern with a 45 incher on the last hour of the last day…..Bloedel is his RELIABLE witness???!!

Dave: I demand an investigation!

Bill: I agree with Dave, an investigation is in order. I had arranged with Dave and Michelle for a trophy northern plant again. I told him that Tom and I went to spot AC6.7 according to his directions, a spot I had fished before, but nothing was there, not even a follow. Dave was sure that was where he placed the fish. He thought for a minute and then said he got things mixed up. He said the spot should have been RN6.7. So, good for you Pete, the code in the spot Dave mentioned indicated that this was a 47.5 inch fish at the spot.

As always, time goes way to fast up here, but again a great time was had by all. Nobody got hurt, one windy day but found some spots and nice fish, cabin, as usual, was spotless, great again as were all the guys, flying out tomorrow morning. A lunch stop at the Shining Light Cafe in Northome MN for a couple of dozen homemade pecan caramel rolls and a couple of homemade pies to take home. Thanks, Dave and Michelle for a great time, see you next year. Hopefully not a virtual trip again!!!!

I really enjoyed reading this email from Bill, Tom, and Pete the other morning. How creative!

We sure miss seeing you all and can’t wait for this virtual trip to be a reality!

Escape to the Wilderness!

Dave, Michelle, and Jon

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