Fish Tales from the Hren Party

June 2, 2023

Hello Nestor Falls Team,

This is on behalf of the Hren fishing party that went to Malaher Lake opening weekend of the 2023 fishing season. This was our first time using Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts  Our fish count……280 walleyes and 40+ northerns. Two 40 inch northerns, several more 35 inch+ released at various places. Biggest caught at the boat landing area at the top of the Rocks going up to Moar. Our largest walleye 27 inches released on rocky point between Moar and the launch point for the boats.  We mostly walleye fishing and caught our biggest northerns and almost all the walleyes on jigs with either a rubber minnow or crawlers. The walleyes range were 15 – 23 inches with most in the 16 to 20 inch range.

We really enjoyed the accommodations. The motors on the boats were flawless. Improvements?…….the water pump was working and not working. You guys were amazing in responding, flying in new parts the next day. Would have been nice to have consistent water, but could not ask for more with your response. Most enjoyable…….the stunning water beauty, the variety of fish and sizes, but oh…..the stories. A quick one…….Ben tied into a big northern. It took off across the bay going under the other boat. At this point, Ben ran out of line and his line snapped. At this point multiple swear words were uttered. But…….the line landed inside the other boat. Mat suddenly exclaims that he has the line in his hands and the northern is still there. He slowly retrieved the line. Amazingly, the northern was out of fight and we were able to net it without the loss of fingers. Beautiful 35 inch + northern. You cannot make this stuff up.

Happy to serve as a reference for you all. This is the fifth camp we have used and we enjoyed yours the best.

Our best to you and the team for a great season. Thanks for all you did to make our trip so memorable.


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