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November 7, 2022

Well, here we are at the end of our season, time flies when you are having fun!  We recently had a party come in who have been with us for about 21 years, they have visited many of our lakes.  They shared their story and experience with us so we thought we would share it with you too, we hope you enjoy their story.

Tom and I started with NFO in 2003 at Herod in the old cabin, and came there again two more years before moving to Malaher.  From there we moved to Larus with a few trips with another party to Cairns in between.  We’ve fished Larus since 2012.  We keep coming back for the great fishing, outstanding outpost accommodations and NFO’s superior service.

(photo of Herod lake old cabin)

Tom and Bill most recent trip was their 23rd in 21 years (not counting 2020 & 2021) with NFO.  However, Vincent S. and Andy B. were first-timers this year, and what a first-time trip it was!  It was not a “fishing trip”, it was a “catching trip!”  They released hundreds of fish with well over two hundred released on our last day alone.

Fishing this year was off the charts good.  Our party of six caught well over 100 fish every day.  Our big northern was Bill’s 39″, but numerous in the mid 30’s were boated.  Scott S. caught our biggest walleye measuring 28″.  14 year old Vincent even caught a 23″ whitefish.  Walleyes under 14″ were rare with most in the 16″-21″ range.  We fished with minnows before running out on the third day, then switched to plugs and rubber tails.  Everything worked.

The 2021 fires came dangerously close to the bay cabin and actually burned down the outhouse.  It also burned down the eagle’s nest that was across the bay from the cabin.  The eagle mates rebuilt a big nest just above and behind the new outhouse that NFO constructed.  We watched the pair feed two chicks all week.  Also behind the outhouse, a ruffed grouse made his home.  We heard his drumming all week and occasionally walked up very close to him.  The black bear came to dig through the fish cleanings one day while Scott and Vincent fished nearby.  They also sited a moose, but from a distance.  A huge “V” of honking Canada geese heading north flew over one day.

Fishing, weather and the peaceful outpost surroundings were terrific, but the camaraderie of family and friends made this trip exceptional.  We’ll be back!

–Bill & Tom

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