Limited Dates – Book Early for the Best 2017 Trips

December 6, 2016

Ready to Book the Best Fishing Trip in Canada?

Make your Nestor Falls Fly-In reservations SOON to get the outpost you want! We’ve got 4 outposts that are already starting to fill up. If you’ve had your eye on days at any of the outposts here, it’s time to book your stay:

LARUS BAY (Sleeps 10)
Open Dates: Aug. 26-Sept. 1, Sept. 10-17
Look at Larus Bay

LARUS BEACH (Sleeps 8)
Open Dates: June 28-July 3, Sept. 4-8, Sept. 8-12
Look at Larus Beach

CLEAR (Sleeps 4)
Open Dates: July 23-28, Aug. 14-ON
Look at Clear Lake

KEEPER (Sleeps 4)
Open Dates: July 2-6, July 6-11, Aug. 14-ON
Look at Keeper Lake

We do have openings at other outposts ‚Äì if you know the days for your fly-in fishing trip, call us and we’ll figure something out with you!

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