Heaven on Earth

November 19, 2013

Dave and I recently got back from spending some much needed time in the Northwoods for some moose hunting. We spent two days in our stand waiting and freezing our tails off to see this magnificence animal with no luck. Though we did not get a moose, we still enjoyed our time together.

Out in the Wilderness, somewhere in the first light of day and the last grayness of evening, you can get lost in imagining sounds that seem real and real sounds that seem imagined. Between the two is the muffled silence of the Northwoods in Fall along with the faint song of high flying geese migrating south drifting in the distance.

While we were in the stand, a mink appeared, playing around our post. I guess he could not smell us or hear us. It was too funny watching him play on the rocks only a feet away. While we were sitting in the woods and while we were driving the boat back across this beautiful lake, we realized that Heaven might just be on Earth. If you get what I mean.

Escape to the Wilderness,
Dave & Michelle

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