Highlights from Mike H.’s 2017 Fishing Trip

August 28, 2017

Mike Huffer made his 9th annual fishing trip with Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts this year! The group fished Cairns Lake but have enjoyed Malette, Herod, and Lount Lakes on past trips. The fishing is always great ‚Äì “an abundance of Walleye and lunker Northern Pike are a given,” he said. Mike also likes to chat up our son Jon (who is a pro angler) for the latest fishing tips and techniques!

His group caught 40″+ Northern of course. But the highlights of all Mike’s fishing trips to Nestor Falls Fly-In will be hard to beat:

  • Watching the black bear comb the shore eating pine nuts on Malette
  • Playing in horseshoe contests at Cairns
  • The May snow storm of 2016 that swamped the boats and chased everyone inside to play cribbage
  • Seeing a moose swim across the lake this year

Top that off with a daily shore lunch and a cold “Blue” or two ‚Äì and you bet Mike can’t wait to come back!

Escape to the Wilderness,
Dave & Michelle

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