How do you pack for a Canadian fly in fishing trip?

July 26, 2022

This is a loaded question and one that we are asked often. I think most of our customers spend the winter planning their Canadian fly-in fishing trip.  Lots of planning goes into these trips and we want to make it a little easier for you and your group.


Each person in your party is allowed 100 LBS which includes both FOOD and GEAR. Why 100 per person? Transport Canada has strict guidelines for aircraft weight and balance which NFO must comply with, and we do.


What does NFO supply?  All cabins have cooking utensils, pillows, boat seats, cushions, minnow buckets, and your gasoline.  Cabins are equipped with stoves, showers, solar electric refrigerators, freezers, and a propane BBQ grill.  We also have a satellite phone and Wi-fi (please note that the rate for the wifi is $4 USD/per GB).

Tips for packing light

  • Planning out all your meals for your trip will help you not to over-buy groceries.  You can buy your groceries in Canada but if you plan on bringing some from your country please note that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has restrictions on food crossing the border. Also because of the bird flu Chicken, Turkey and eggs are not allowed across the US/CANADIAN border at this time.  Please visit here to find the list of restricted items.
  • Pack your clothing in smaller duffles bags vs one large bag like a suitcase (Suitcases can weigh up to 5-10 lbs).
  • Pack your groceries in boxes, Rubbermaid containers with lids or coolers to conserve space and help with loading the plane. Pack dry goods like spices for dinners in zip lock bags.

Please note: A case of 24 cans of beer or pop weighs 20 lbs.  If you plan on having beverages at the lake consider flying your beverages ahead of time to conserve on your weight restriction. We charge by the case.  If interested please give us a call, we require 3-4 weeks’ notice to insure your order delivery.


Clothes Packing List:

You don’t need to back lots, but bring layering clothes in case of cooler weather

Blue Jeans – 2 pair                                                             Gore-Tex Rain Suit – 1

Long Sleeve Shirt – 1                                                         Hooded Sweat Shirt –1

Sandals – 1 pair                                                                Sweatpants – 1

T-shirts – 3                                                                           Fishing Cap – 1

Long Underwear – 1 pair                                                   Belt – 1

Underwear – 8 pair                                                             Sweatshirt – 1

Socks – 5 pair                                                                       Travel Coat – 1

Tennis Shoes – 1 pair                                                         Rain Hat – 1

Waterproof Boots – 1 pair                                                 Gym Shorts – 2 pair

Sunglasses – 1 pair                                                              Handkerchiefs – 2

Gloves – 2 pair                                                                     Life Vest(mandatory) – 1

Bath Towel – 1                                                                    Long Sleeve T-Shirt – 1

Bug Suit (hood) – 1                                                            Sleeping Bag – 1

Fishing Towel – 1                                                               Duffle Bag – 1

Pillow case- 1


Camera                                 Wet Wipes                              Contacts/Glasses

Book/Magazines                 Shaving/Bathing                  Medications (extra incase you get weathered in)



Insect Repellent            Sunscreen

Garbage Bag                  Toliet paper

Paper towel                    Flashlight

Tea towels, dish cloths and pot holders

Important Items to bring with you:

Birth Certificate

Record of Covid Vaccination (download the ArriveCAN app)


Boat Operators

Ontario Outdoors Card – up to date

KEEP ALL PERSONAL ITEMS UNDER 46 POUNDS and leave the rest of your weight (50 lbs for food)


We hope this helps with your group organizing and packing for your trip.  If you would like to see a sample of a menu for a week OR a sample shopping list please click here.


If you have any questions feel free to email us or give us a call, we are more than happy to help.


Escape to the Wilderness,

Dave, Michelle and Jon Beaushene


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