How to Find the Spirit of Canada’s Wilderness in Winter

February 22, 2016

It’s nearly the end of February ‚Äì are you dreaming of a Nestor Falls Fly-In fishing trip yet? It’s tempting to get lost in your thoughts at one of our outposts! To beat cabin fever, Dave and I spend at least part of every day doing something outdoors. Whether it’s working or relaxing, we’re happy to be out in the fresh air. If you’re lucky to be in a place with snow like we are, then we’ve got some ideas to take your mind off that upcoming fly-in fishing trip!

(It will be almost as quiet as being at an outpost, sitting on the deck as the sun is setting. Almost.)

Pick up a pair of snowshoes.

If you’ve never gone snowshoeing before ‚Äì or haven’t had snowshoes when you were a kid ‚Äì why not give it a try? If you can walk, you can snowshoe! Kasey likes to go snowshoeing up here near the base. It’s very peaceful, especially when the snow is fresh.

Go on a cold-weather walk.

Take a long walk at a state park or forest and enjoy the solitude it brings. There’s nothing like being surrounded by beautiful trees ‚Äì especially when everything is covered in a blanket of snow and is so quiet. It’s nice to get away from your technology and the demands of a busy life for an hour or two.

Look for wildlife.

You’ll see that nature still rules ‚Äì even in your backyard! You may not have moose like up here in Ontario but there should be plenty of rabbits, owls, deer, and maybe even a fox or two.

Escape to the Wilderness,
Dave & Michelle

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