How to Pick Your Perfect Fly-In Outpost

December 13, 2016

When you’re looking to fish at Nestor Falls Fly-In, it’s tough to pick the right spot!

Each cabin is located in a beautiful part of Northwestern Ontario. AND most importantly – the fishing is world-class at each outpost.

To book the perfect outpost, call Michelle or Kasey at 1-877-653-1524 OR check out the quick “quiz” below!

1. Looking for an angler’s challenge?

Stay at Lount Lake. Here’s why ‚Äì Lount Lake has more small creeks, rocky points and sheltered bays than you could fish in a week! It’s roughly a 40 square mile part of the English River System and gives you about 30 miles of water to travel. For the angler who wants to experience a variety of fish, Lount has trophy Walleye, Northern and Smallmouth Bass.

See Lount Lake

2. Want total peace & quiet?

Stay at Malette Lake. Here’s why ‚Äì The isolated cabin on Malette Lake has absolute solitude and superb fishing. Deep in Northwest Ontario, this outpost is nestled in a stand of pines on the edge of a sand beach. This is a place where you can lose yourself in the peace and tranquility. It’s the perfect escape.

See Malette Lake

3. Ready to spot plenty of wildlife?

Stay at Larus Lake. Here’s why ‚Äì Larus Lake is located in the heart of the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. It’s the perfect place to see wildlife! In Canada’s untouched wilderness, you will have an opportunity to see plenty of Moose, Bear and Eagles along the shoreline. The beach cabin also has a wonderful deck with a panoramic view that’s perfect for nature watching.

See Larus Lake

4. Going to bring a young family?

Stay at Cairns Lake. Here’s why ‚Äì The cabin is big enough to accommodate a full-size family comfortably. At the end of the day you can take in the untouched beauty from the deck or have fun around the horseshoe pit. There is also a private sand beach near the cabin. The fishing is world-class, too ‚Äì don’t be surprised to catch Northern over 40″ and Walleye at the 10 lb. mark!

See Cairns Lake

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