How to Take a Great Fish Photo

December 19, 2014

Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts is a catch and release establishment. Even though you need to send those beautiful trophy fish back into the lake, you are still able to bring that fish of a lifetime back with you. All it takes is a GREAT fish photo!

However, the unprepared Angler is often disappointed by the snapshots of their fishing highlights. Sometimes you may find yourself stuck trying to explain to your friends that the headless person in the photo is you. Or everyone will start to yawn after hearing you explain for hours that the fish was bigger than it looks in the picture — trust me! The worst scenario is the guilt you may feel every time you think of that lunker that got away and you did not get the right photo…

Well, you’re in luck! After 29 years of running a fly-in fishing business, we like to consider ourselves experts in fish photography. Here are some tips and tricks on how to take a picture-perfect fish photo to display proudly in your home!

– The Equipment –

Make sure your camera is set to take the largest photos possible. This will ensure that you’ll be able to crop the photos later without sacrificing the quality of the photo. After all, you want to print that photo BIG so the fish looks BIGGER, right!?

Bring a large memory card that can hold hundreds of photos so you never need to worry about running out of space.

A wide angle lense is useful to ensure that you are able to squeeze that giant trophy fish into the frame without cutting of the angler’s head!

– The Prep –

De-hook the fish before taking the photo. Keeping the fish on the fishing line for the photo can harm its health, and we want to make sure we send that fish pleasantly on its way.

Put the fish back in the net to breathe a bit while you’re prepping for the photo. This reduces the stress on the fish and also prevents it from flopping around the boat and potentially hurting itself.

– The Angler –

Adjust your hat. That hat combined with the bright sunshine will shadow your face when everyone wants to see your proud smile.

Remove your sunglasses and show those sparkling eyes!

– The Fish –

Hold large fish horizontally. This allows us to get the best look at the fish and reduces the stress on their body. Be sure not to cut off its tail in the photo!

Gently slide your hand under the gill plate without disturbing the gills.

Support the fish’s belly so there is no sway in the spine, which makes for a better photo and helps preserve the health of the fish.

Keep a firm grip to prevent him from squirming, which could injure him.

– Snap the Photo! –

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