Ice Safety

January 10, 2020

Here at Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts we are closed for the ice fishing season but Nestor Falls is gearing up for that time of year where you can do winter activities out on the ice. Lifesaving Society states statistically, 1/3 drownings are in winter months (October – April).

Before heading out on the ice it is very important to check the thickness of the ice and checking the thickness in many locations (according to Department of Natural Resources every 150 feet). It is important to note that there are different requirements between clear ice and white ice. White ice is only half as strong as clear ice and therefore needs to be double in thickness before you can even walk on the ice ( 8″ vs 4″).

There are many factors that can affect ice conditions such as temperature, snowfall, and currents. With all the rain we received this fall the water levels where high when we froze over. But remember that they are lowering the water and this will have effects on our ice this winter. Please be mindful of those conditions before you head out on the ice during the winter months. Ice conditions can quickly fluctuate throughout the season. It is always important to let people know where you are going on the ice and always try to travel with others in case something happens.

Image from DNR

Anything less than 4″ of clear ice stay off. 4-5″ clear ice you may do activities on foot like ice fishing and cross country skiing. 5-7″ clear ice you may travel on ice on snowmachine or ATV.

To learn more about ice safety, traveling on ice and survival plans please visit the Department of Natural Resources for great resources for you and your family.

Be safe out there friends!

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Information gathered from

Lifesaving Society


Department of Natural Resources


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