Journal Entry From O

October 9, 2020

This season was like no other season. It has been a hard summer for many different reasons but the hardest is not seeing our customers’ faces and hearing about their experiences up north.

This slower season I have taken the time to sit down to read some of the journals that have returned from up north. Let me tell you we keep our journals even if they are over 7-10 years old! AND some of these stories make me laugh, cry but mostly bring so much joy! Thank you to all that have wrote in them, it has helped during these times.

I came across this entry and had to share it.

July 31

” Hi to all fishermen my name is O and I am 9 years old. This is my first trip to Canada. I am here with my Dad. He has been to Canada since he was 8, but this is our first trip together. So, far we have caught a lot of fish and had a great adventure. I explored some of the island but not much. I found very strange insects. I found a yellow caterpillar with a black stripe. Giant dragonflies and beetles. But I still encourage you to explore. I have also noticed a small bird I have decided to name him peeps. Good night.”

August 1

” To was kind of tough. I didn’t feel like fishing at all. I think it’s because I cause so many fish yesterday. I yelled at my Dad and I am sorry I did so. I went swimming and drove the boat. I think this trip is great.”

Final Entry

” My Dad and I caught most of our fish in one spot. It is on the rocky shore off an island. It has lots of pine trees and some birch”

For those parents wondering if they should be taking their kids up north. Please do! These memories will last a lifetime for yourself and your little one. Let us help you create these once in a lifetime memory.


Escape to the wilderness,

Dave, Michelle and Jon

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