KEEPER vs 28 Trees

September 1, 2021

Last summer a huge storm blasted through Keeper lake blowing down 28 trees and these were not little trees by the way! Out of the 28 trees that fell none of them hit the cabin but fell between the cabin and outhouse! Phew! Entering the cabin the boys noticed lightning hit the cabin and had blew up the controllers in the porch leaving the fridge not working.

The boys needed to wait until last fall to tidy up these trees since the weather had been so humid. The boys turned these trees into firewood for the cabin fireplace (not campfire!). It took a crew of four to clean these 28 fallen trees two days to clear. This spring the boys brought up the new controller and have the solar system up and running again.

They continued onto Herod Lake and tore off the siding of the outside cook area and redid it. We think you will love it, it is looking pretty sharp now!

Though Covid-19 has been hard on the Canadian tourist industry it has allowed us to freely head up north to take care of projects that we have always wanted to do – planned or not!

Escape to the Wilderness!

Dave Michelle and Jon

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