Last Call

January 17, 2020

The morning was calm, the water was glass, a light cover of fog is over the water and the only sound is the echoing call of a loon.

A rare slow morning for us to enjoy the water view and the sound of nature by the water. We are very fortunate to live by the water but our schedules sometimes keep us from enjoying the little things that life has to offer.

We live for these simple moments, nothing makes us happier than some time on the water.

Today is special. The last boat ride of the season, which calls for a warm cup of coffee in hand, bundling up in layers and putting on wool socks under the rubber boots.

The temperature is only 20 degrees and ice is slowly forming along the shores, and before too long there will be a thin layer of ice covering the lake. The weather is calling for snow and cooler temperatures, it is time to move the docks while we can.

We typically need to unhitch and sometimes move floating docks to a sheltered bay so that the docks do not get damaged by the ice that forms between now till full ice freeze.

Dave, myself and Mike had a fun morning adventure moving docks. Do you need to do the same where you live? Let me know below what kind of things you need to do before the freezing temperatures come.

Stay warm friends!

Dave, Michelle and Jon



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