Plan a Last-Minute Canadian Fishing Trip!

August 1, 2017

September is back-to-school month for the kids ‚Äì and could be “back to nature” month for adults.

Ontario is a great fishing spot for trophy Walleye and Northern. Because it’s so remote, the fishing stays consistent year-round, all the way up to the end of September. Up at Onepine Lake, in the cool season, one angler caught 28″ Northerns using Johnson Silver Minnows and 16-17″ Walleye on jigs with Gulps. (He also caught a 44″ Northern but every angler has to have secrets!)

We only have ONE opening left for 2016. September 13-18 for up to 10 people at the secluded Larus Lake bay outpost. You can easily expect to release a couple hundred fish that week – EACH! Keep a look out for moose and eagles, too.

Check out the Larus Lake package before another angler nabs it.

If you can’t get up here to Northern Ontario, well, we hope you can get in some late-season fishing wherever you are. Create your own solitude in that backyard pond if you have to!

Escape to the Wilderness,
Dave & Michelle

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