Abandon the Familiar. Embrace the Unknown

June 5, 2020

Well I hope that everyone is safe. This Covid-19 virus has proven to be a nasty little addition to our lives. Back in March when Canada announced that they were closing the border and for Canadians to consider it time to come home Dave and I decided that the best course of action was to to come back to Nestor Falls. Jon and Ryan were with us at the time in Florida and rescheduling flights was a nightmare. We all returned home on March 20. The airports were a ghost town. Not knowing what to expect when we arrived at the border after it was closed was much easier than normal. The border officers wanted to get rid of us fast. A pleasant surprise. We all spent 14 days quarantined and all was well with us.

Shortly after our return the girls in the office were uncomfortable about staying on working as Trish is pregnant and due in August; Doreen wasn’t sure she should be coming in so we laid off them off. This worked out well for Dave and I during isolation as we now could move between the house and the office. Thou we were still inside it felt good to see new scenery. March and April were pretty peaceful actually. At this time the border remains closed till June 21 and restrictions have been put in place by our Canadian government so that we cannot even accommodate Canadian guests either. We are hopeful for good news the end of June. As soon as Prime Minister Trudeau announces about the border crossing we will let you folks know. I think we should be hearing something the week of June 15/2020.

So it’s back to the old days where it is just Dave & I running the office. So I am sorry for any delays in getting to your questions. Our new office hours for the time being are Monday to Friday 9-4 PM. Please make sure you are using our main email address or call 807-484-2345 for any questions that you might have.

I have been busy rescheduling our May and June guests to May and June of 2021. Last week we brought Kyle, Pat and of course our son Jon back to work in preparation of hopefully your arrival. We have been doing some flying for a private guy which has helped some to keep the boys flying. This week the boys spent the night at Keeper Lake and flew some of the motors to the Outposts and checked out most locations for winter damage. Winter has not been kind to us this spring. The cabin at Keeper had shifted again. We have a tree down at Malette; The crib at Larus Beach and walk way was damaged by the ice. The ramp at Lount needs some repairs done. Monday the boys will fly up north to repair docks.

While the boys were bringing the dock back to the bay Kyle took advantage of the lake and through out a line. When there is a will; There is way. The boys did have a fish fry at Keeper Lake but reported that the fishing was slow with the change of the weather this week.

Well that’s the news this week from Nestor Falls Fly-In and we hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Escape to the Wilderness!

Dave, Michelle and Jon

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