A Shared Passion for Lake Life

February 15, 2013

Today as I sit at my desk looking out onto the lake; it is -30 F Yes you read that right actual temperature. Wind is blowing the snow across the lake and I am thinking what the heck am I doing here.

Then all of a sudden this Timber Wolf comes running across the bay in front of me. I call Kasey to look up from her desk. He was definitely on the scent of something as he came across from over at Dave’s mother place and circled our bay with his nose on the ground. He went through the narrows circled back, up through the trees on the point, back across the lake to our docks. Stopped for a photo shoot and then across the bay up into the bush he goes.

And this is why I am here 30 below or not. Me and that wolf share a passion for the lake life.


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