Best Lures & Artificial Bait for Smallmouth Bass Fishing

July 16, 2016

Four brothers-in-law went artificial-only – no live bait – for a trip to Lount Lake!

That didn’t stop Tim Sproul, Tim Steckelberg, Glen Petersen, and Frank Staskiewicz from finding hot spots for Smallmouth Bass. Lount has a very diverse habitat – numerous vegetated inlets, rocky points, and sheltered bays. It makes for great angling action, especially when you’ve got the right gear in the boat.

The best producers were a jig w/ twister tail, fished vertically though casting and retrieving worked some too; hot skitter props; and Rapala x-rap walk.

The group caught about 50 large Smallies, with the best being a 20″ caught by Glen! (They caught roughly 75 nice 16-18″ Walleyes as well, plus a 23″ Walleye caught and released by Tim.)

If you’re looking for other suggestions on Smallmouth Bass bait, here’s the list Dave usually starts with:

• Tubes: white w/black flake, blue/black, green, Tightlines UV
• Spinner baits: white/silver, blue/black, chartreuse/white
• Senko’s: white w/black flake, blue/black, green, Tightlines UV
• Jerk baits: Mosbeck X Rap (white), white/blue

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Escape to the Wilderness,
Dave & Michelle

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