Closing the Cabins for 2015

October 28, 2015

It’s the end of October and we have closed down the cabins after another great season! This process takes about two weeks. Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts has 12 cabins on 10 lakes, so our crew usually sets up camp at Keeper Lake. Why Keeper? Because of the easy access to the other outpost cabins and because sometimes you only have an hour to get on the water to catch your fish for dinner.

Getting ready for winter is not easy work. We clean each of the outposts from top to bottom. From windows to ovens. Brushing front to back, side to side all around the cabins. We even organize the cupboards. After we have the cabin cleaned up, it’s time to top up the batteries, drain the hot water tank and water. At Malaher Lake, the guys ripped out and burnt the old walkway.

This time of year gives us a chance to reflect on our best moments of the season:

Jan and Gregg renewed their wedding vows

Brent caught 40+ fish in less than an hour

Nestor Falls celebrated 30 years of fishing

Plus, the boys didn’t burn down Malaher for another year! We’ll take it.

See you in 2016,
Dave & Michelle

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