Don’t forget your Flash!

July 28, 2018

If your looking for a great escape, deep in the Wilderness of Ontario is the place to find it. Staying in an isolated cabin on Malette Lake, offers you absolute solitude and superior fishing. Anglers often go to great lengths to find the best fishing spots, and Malette Lake would not disappoint a determined outdoors man. However, excellent fishing won’t guarantee that everything will go as planned. A story out of Malette this past spring, reveals the necessity to remember an item besides your tackle box and fishing rod when heading out for an escape on the lake; your camera!

Dan and his family have been fishing with Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts for many years. As soon as the ice is melted, Dan is eager to get out on the lake in search of the ultimate Northern Trophy catch. This year, Dan’s son Tyler joined him on Malette Lake for a 5 night stay. Staying on Malette, you have an opportunity to portage over to upper Malette. Dan and Tyler took advantage of this opportunity, catching 10 Northern’s over 40 inches and the largest being 44 inches. The water temperature was 54 degrees, and the fishing was great! Upon Dan’s return, I was eager to see pictures of his most impressive catches. Since Dan enjoys taking pictures to remember all of his most exciting experiences here, I was shocked when he revealed…

Not a single photo was taken! It turns out, Dan forgot his camera.

As a reminder for the future Wilderness escapes here in Ontario, remember to bring a camera. You never know if the next trip will be the one where you’ll end up catching the ultimate Trophy, and bragging is a lot easier if you have the evidence!

Escape to the Wilderness!

Dave & Michelle



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