How to Eat the Best Food on Your Fly-In Fishing Trip

November 1, 2016

Is Lake Trout Linguini on the table for your group’s fly-in fishing trip?

It could be!! You don’t have to settle for beef jerky ‚Äì at least not every day. Brad Dokken and his group out at Malette Lake made the news with a mouth-watering menu on a trip to Nestor Falls.

3 tips to help you eat well in the wilderness:

1. Plan a menu.

It’s helpful to plan ahead before you pack up ingredients. Most of our guests plan for two meals a day, plus snacks. For breakfast, Brad’s group at Malette had LOTS of bacon and eggs. Evening meals were the star of the show ‚Äì Walleye with Black Butter Caper Sauce, Lake Trout Linguini, and Thai Fish Tacos.

Brad told us, “To say we ate well would be an understatement!”

2. Pack light.

Measure out the dry / non-perishable ingredients for each recipe, so you don’t bring more flour, rice, etc. than you’ll need. (Plus, taking care of meal prep before you get here means more time in the boat!)

3. Eat fresh Walleye, Lake Trout, and Northern Pike.

Each person is only allowed to bring 100 lbs. of gear, including clothes and food. Use that limit for special ingredients, drinks, and dry socks. Instead of bringing meat (like chicken or beef) for every meal, plan to eat fresh fish. Try at least one meal with Walleye!

Learn how to de-bone a Walleye

To learn more about the group’s cooking, check out Brad’s story in the Outdoors section of the Grand Forks Herald!

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