Highlights from Mike H.’s 2017 Fishing Trip

August 28, 2017

Mike Huffer made his 9th annual fishing trip with Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts this year!  The group fished Cairns Lake but have enjoyed Malette, Herod, and Lount Lakes on past trips. The fishing is always great – “an abundance of Walleye and lunker Northern Pike are a given,” he said. Mike also likes to chat up our son Jon (who is a pro angler) for the latest fishing tips and techniques!

His group caught 40″+ Northern of course. But the highlights of all Mike’s fishing trips to Nestor Falls Fly-In will be hard to beat:

  • Watching the black bear comb the shore eating pine nuts on Malette
  • Playing in horseshoe contests at Cairns
  • The May snow storm of 2016 that swamped the boats and chased everyone inside to play cribbage
  • Seeing a moose swim across the lake this year

Top that off with a daily shore lunch and a cold “Blue” or two – and you bet Mike can’t wait to come back!

Escape to the Wilderness,
Dave & Michelle

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