Spring “Break” in Canada

May 19, 2021

Well, the ice is melted, the snow is gone and spring is in full swing here! Typically our spring is very busy with preparing for our trout fisherman and for walleye opener. It was very disheartening to find out at the beginning of April that parts of Canada were entering their third wave causing the border closures to remain in effect. We are still remaining hopeful and positive despite this news.

The 206 and otter have made it home to the dock. Hearing them fly over before they landed was music to our ears! We sure have missed the sound of those engines! Next week we hope to fly up north to check out the cabins and dock situation. You never know how they fare during our cold and windy Canadian winters.

This spring we ourselves had a deck situation that kept Dave and Jon busy fixing for a few days. During the ice melting, strong winds caused our ramp to get destroyed. Hopefully not foreshadowing for up north.

Once our ramp was fixed Dave and I decided to take the 206 out on an adventure and went to visit Kay Lake to see if the Trout were still there. We normally miss out on spring trout fishing due to camp life so this was a nice little treat.

Let me tell you the trout were starving! We had a little visitor during our lunch break hoping to get some scraps from us. He sure wasn’t shy, which made us wonder that maybe he was a regular to Kay and was used to being fed by you all. So let me tell you, we love having you here but the lake locals are missing you all just as much!

Escape to the Wilderness,

Dave, Michelle, & Jon


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