What Makes a Great Fishing Trip?

June 27, 2013

I wanted to thank you for the effort that went into making sure my family had an enjoyable trip up to Nestor Falls Fly In Outpost in May. I am in charge of scheduling our annual fly in fishing trip each year and this was the first time we had gone through your outpost. A good friend of mine insisted that we give you guys a shot and now I know why. Your hospitality and accommodations exceeded our expectations and we had an absolute blast.

We don’t get up to Canada very often but I am going to make a case that we need to get back up your way very soon! I’ve attached some pictures from our recent trip to Lount Lake if you’d like to see them or use them in any way. Keep me posted if you have any available dates for Lount Lake in 2014. We will begin discussing our fishing trip for 2014 and maybe I can convince the group to come back up your way! Take care.


Nathan, Bruce, Nick and Brenda… Lount Lake 2013

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