January 24, 2020

When most people think of the lake they reminisce about hot sunny days spent near the water, sitting by the campfire, roasting marshmallows and telling fish stories.

Winter may not generate as many of your favorite outpost memories and probably is the most dreaded season of all. That’s because for all the dark and chilly things it represents. But when your surrounded by family winter on the lake can be a whole lot of fun …..

Our summers are long hours, fast past so when winter rolls around we look forward to the slower pace. It becomes our family time so when it came time to planning the family Christmas gathering it was only natural that we would all spend it together at the place we love the most right here in Nestor Falls. Prepping and cooking the Christmas dinner went calmly and it was delicious if I may say so myself. And later we loaded up the kiddos and headed out onto the lake for a breath of fresh air and looked up to the stunning sight of about billion stars, visible in the cold clear winter air. Back just in time for hot cholate with marshmallows.

We went Snowmobiling and took out the side by side which turned out to be exhilarating. There was crisp white snow, winter only views of rolling landscape through the bare trees. The family enjoyed all the winter sports, including hard water sliding, roasting hot dogs around the bonfire, playing games, watching movies together at night and of course Ice Fishing. Isn’t this really what the holidays are all about in the end.

Mission accomplished, more memories to hold onto. As we are nearing our busy season again I cherish these moments and are thankful that we can share with you our favorite times on the water with friends and family.


Escape to the Wilderness !

Dave, Michelle, & Jon

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