Outposts with 5-Star Attitude

July 17, 2012

Located 200 miles north on the Keeper River System, Herod Lake is renowned for its spectacular Walleye and Northern fishing. Herod Lake is definitely a must on the outdoor adventurer’s to-do list. The main body of the lake runs about 5 miles in length and offers many drop-offs, rocky points to fish for Walleye, as well as the countless bays and weed beds for the mighty Northern Pike. For the explorer, there are two sets of outlet rapids that are easily accessed with short portages.

It’s not just about fishing here; you can also find ancient Indian pictographs and there is abundant wildlife for your viewing. Found around the corner from the cabin, is a magnificent view of the Inlet Rapids, and on the quiet evenings the soothing sounds of the rapids only adds to the setting. Here you can catch one Walleye after another all day long.

Being the only cabin on Herod, it’s like renting your own private lake. This new outpost cabin is set up with 4 bedrooms, spacious kitchen/living area, private shower room with vanity as well as a covered outdoor cooking area for the fish fryer and barbecue.

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